“We have had two challenging winters in a row in the Northeast and Global Gas has done a great job in keeping our propane storage full. I have been purchasing my propane from Global Gas for more than 23 years and according to our records that has totaled more than 100 million gallons of propane, and I hope to soon make that number 200 million gallons. Thanks again for the great job, it is great to work with someone whom I respect and trust.”

—Glenn Zimmerman, Pres., Martindale Propane, Inc

“With Global’s proven diversified supply strategy in place in the Mid Atlantic region, I have the confidence and peace of mind that product will be available for my company when it is needed most. When you get dependability like that from a supplier, there can be little wonder why I have placed my trust in Global Gas for the last 20 years.”

—Frank Taylor, Taylor Gas

“Being fairly new to the propane industry, I have come to trust and respect Global Gas for their knowledge not only with supply but other areas of my business as well. Their personal service and availability when I needed them has been great!”

—Pat Davison, Owner, Delaware Propane

“We have been doing business with Global Gas for close to 10 years. One thing that sets them apart from many suppliers is the ease of doing business. Whether it be scheduling our load, coordinating the trucking, rerouting our delivery, or quoting a spot price, they are always there for us ready to serve. When it comes to customer service, they set the bar for the industry”

—D. Honeycutt, Tevis Propane